Danny + Stephanie

Hey there! We are Danny and Stephanie. We are wedding photographers based out of Columbus, Ohio. We’ve been photographing weddings together for over 6 years. Danny has been shooting weddings for 10 years! We have a lot of experience and try and bring our knowledge to each wedding we photograph. We don’t do all of the cheesy or staged stuff because every couple and every wedding is different. We want to capture your day the way it happens. Everything you see are real moments, real emotions, with real couples. 

We’ve been fortunate enough to shoot weddings around the United States as well as a few in other countries. We love getting to see different cultures and customs and seeing how every wedding is unique. We currently live in Columbus, Ohio so everything within a 3 hour radius is “local” to us - that includes Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Detroit, & Morgantown. 

When we aren’t shooting weddings, you might find us at baseball games, amusement/theme parks, the zoo, or just hanging out with our dog, Mac. 

Follow along with us @dannygormanphotography