Danny was recommended to me by multiple friends who had used him before. From the moment we touched base with each other, I knew he was going to be my photographer. Super sweet and kind. Even though we were talking about quotes and stuff, he made me feel like I was talking to a friend I’d known for years. He communicated so well. Any questions I had, he got back to me pronto. Never made me feel like I was asking a dumb bride question. When we got to our wedding day, he arrived in the middle of some drama that I was having to deal with, and he and Stephanie paid no mind and again just made me feel like we’d been life long friends. We spoke about our favorite reality tv shows and laughed a ton. Totally took my mind off of the craziness and really focused on me. I guess being the bride that’s pretty important haha. Our wedding day was pretty spectacular, and I can definitely say that Danny helped make that happen. We received our pictures, and they are more outstanding than even I thought they could be. He truly has an eye and gift for capturing the moments. And as beautiful as our before the ceremony, during the ceremony, and after ceremony pictures were, some of the best ones are just the candids. Our friends laughing, dancing, partying it up! I highly recommend Danny. If I could give him 10 stars I would. Use him. You won’t regret it.

Ashley + Pete


Danny is truly an amazing photographer! He photographed my brother's wedding five years ago, which is when I first saw how talented he is. When I got engaged, Danny was one of the first calls I made - I didn't even consider another option. We were thrilled with the photos of our wedding. He perfectly captured every moment of our day, easily and calmly wrangled kids and family members for photos and kept us on schedule. He scouted out locations for pictures near our church and reception venue, which were all perfect. We have a great mix of candid/"real" life shots and beautiful posed portraits. We have gotten SO many compliments on how beautiful our wedding photos are. I couldn't recommend Danny and Stephanie enough!

Sarah + Tim


Danny (and Stephanie) have shot a few weddings of people that we know. We knew we wanted to hire them as soon as we had our date set (honestly, as soon as we got engaged). We enjoy the photojournalistic approach to the wedding; capturing real moments and emotions. While there were still portraits taken the photos that stand out the most to us are the ones that tell the story of that day. When we received our photos we got to relive those moments, see moments we have missed, and enjoy that day all over again. Danny and Stephanie helped the whole day with us too. Keeping us on a timeline and making sure we got everything we wanted. I couldn’t recommend a better photography team to tell the story of your big day. 

Roxanne + Nick


We had an amazing experience with Danny! He comes with a secondary shooter, Stephanie, who is also very talented!! This duo shot our engagement photos, which were PERFECT, We looked like we were models in a wedding magazine! They brought their dog, which was THE BEST, and hiked a mountain to get to our spot for engagements. Danny stayed "out of the way" while working the wedding night, which was noticed and loved by several! We had so much fun with Danny and Stephanie, which is a great thing to have with your vendors! We had the BEST experience with him, and highly recommend them to anyone!

Des + Casey


I have known Danny since his time at Disney--when we started planning our wedding I knew I wanted him to be our photographer, and it was an amazing choice! In the weeks before the wedding, Danny and I discussed my concerns about the timeline and some general ideas of photos I wanted to get, but ultimately left the creative vision up to him. The day of, he spent the entire day with us, arriving at the venue when I did, and leaving only at the end of the night. he captured so many little moments throughout the day. Moments I missed in the hustle and bustle of the wedding. I am now going through trying to pick my favorites from the hundreds of beautiful images we received. I adore our photos, and would recommend Danny Gorman Photography again and again!

Katelyn + Peter


Danny and Stephanie were great to work with because they are professional, kind and accommodating. They captured every photo I had listed and so many more precious memories. The photos are gorgeous and we couldn't be happier with the way they turned out. Danny Gorman Photography literally felt to good to be true. They are too good to be true! I am so lucky we were able to book them for our wedding!

Ardath + Kenneth


Danny has a passion for this work and it’s evident through the entire day. I couldn’t ask for anyone more professional, knowledgeable, or more genuine to be a part of our day.

Amanda + Bobby


My husband and I were so impressed with the work that Danny did for our wedding. We have never seen someone work so hard and have such passion. Danny was an absolute pleasure to work with and can bust a few moves on the dance floor. He was extremely flexible, took charge at the perfect times and captured every detail from our special day. The quality of his work exceeded all of our expectations and we highly recommend him.

Laura + Steven


Danny and Steph are true pros for gorgeous wedding photos. They offer such great service, anywhere in the world, at an amazing value. Danny was great at posing my husband and I in a way that we felt totally at ease and the images are stunning! He and Steph capture every moment of the day, we got several comments from guests about how wonderful our photographers were. We are so happy we chose this fantastic duo to document our wedding!

Catrina + Jesse


My wife and I just got done reviewing our photos. Danny and Steph captured everything exactly the way we remembered, and we spent over two hours completely reliving every moment of the best day of our lives. We could not be happier with their professionalism and quality of work. Danny and Stephanie are not only amazing photographers, but amazing people. They are warm, relaxed, funny, and kind. They are articulate and phenomenally skilled in their work. If you choose them to shoot your wedding photos, you’ll love th result. I cannot recommend them enough.

Kate + Kyle


Danny Gorman photography is seriously the best ever! Danny and Steph both HUSTLED the entire even to ensure that all of our special moments were captured! They are so down to earth and helpful. I couldn't have asked for a better support system on my wedding day. They understood our vibe and perfectly captured all of the emotions present on our wedding day. I highly recommend him to ANYONE looking for a photographer. I was stressing out about some other decisions surrounding our wedding. Danny offered some great advice and steered me in the right direction. I wish I could have a wedding every year JUST to have Danny and Steph shoot it!

Whitney + Zachary


I have known Danny since we met at Disney, so I had a unique experience. My wedding date and venue changed over the years ( as it took us 5 years to get to I DO). Danny would give opinions on colors and dresses. He was so easy to include in all aspects of the wedding. That even though he wasn't in San Antonio and had never been to the venue before, he was able to pose and place us for beautiful picture. He has given us sneak peaks of social media, and I am super excited to see all of them. I will even be hiring him again for our large anniversary trips. He is an artist, who's raw photos are better than most people's photo shopped photos.

Richelle + Cody


Danny and Steph were the highlight of our wedding. They are perfect, professional, and just lovely people to be with all day long. They made my husband and I feel comfortable, especially since they do an engagement shoot first to get to know you. Just the best possible decision we could have made for such an important day.

Abigail + Michael


I met Danny and Stephanie on my wedding day as they were coming to the house to photograph the bridal party. That detail surprised many of the ladies in the room because Danny and Steph are so warm, friendly, and funny that it feels like you've known them forever. They traveled all the way to Colorado for our wedding and you could tell they were happy to be there. Danny and I had been talking extensively throughout the year leading up to that date and he had so much experience in this industry that he helped me with so many different aspects of planning the wedding. They are truly incredible to watch in action and turned an ugly alley way in Denver into gorgeous photos that I cherish and look at everyday. They captured beautiful photos of every aspect of our wedding. They captured the smallest of details and our caterer is currently using one of his photos on the main page of their website to promote the business. They are in this industry for the right reasons and that is so evident in how they handle themselves. Even our guests were talking about them during and after. Danny was always ready with his camera and also a portable light to help with selfies.
P.S. If you have a dog, ask to bring him/her along to any shoot you have with this
wonderful couple. They have a natural connection and they miss their dog when they travel.

Anna + Phil


We had known we wanted to hire Danny and Stephanie for a few years before we got engaged, we even told them we were engaged before we announced it to most of our friends. Their work exceeded our expectations. My husband and I aren’t always the most photogenic people, but Danny and Stephanie managed to put us at ease in front of the camera and make us look amazing. We have over 1,000 pictures from our wedding and every single one is wonderful. They were truly able to capture our personalities, and so many memories and moments we didn’t even get to see.

Deirdre + Jonic


Danny and Stephanie are AWESOME. They are so professional, creative, and knowledgeable. They take such stunning pictures and they were extremely friendly and helpful throughout our planning process. Our guests were very impressed with them on our wedding day and they were able to capture such special moments during our big day. Since we were planning out of state, we weren't able to make it down to Florida for an engagement session, so Danny and Stephanie scheduled a day for us to have a post wedding shoot. They're great!

Arielle + Andrew


If you're looking for amazing wedding photography, look no further. Danny and Stephanie are true artists, and were INCREDIBLE to work with. They went above and beyond to make our wedding day the best day ever... and were even willing to travel all the way out to Colorado for us! Their pictures were more than what we ever could have hoped for. Also, out of all of my wedding vendors, Danny was by far the quickest to respond to my questions and offered the best customer service. Five stars all the way!!

Marcie + Travis


Danny and Stephanie deserve all of the praise in the world for being a part of our wedding. And when I say being a part of our wedding, I mean it in the way that it felt like they were guests and friends rather than vendors. Their demeanor is fun yet professional, and their work ethic is downright admirable. Where most other photographers we talked to held rigid timelines of services, Danny and Stephanie showed up early and stayed late on the belief that they wanted the entire day's story. They captured every aspect of our wedding that we hoped for, and by the end of it we found ourselves hugging and bidding farewells, and I genuinely hope we get to see them again. The final product was delivered to us in a completely reasonable amount of time and we were absolutely delighted with the result, as were all of the friends and family that we shared them with. They have a clearly defined vision and style that is uniquely their own, and their body of work is impressive. Their willingness to travel and be part of the adventure goes above and beyond anything we could ask for.  

Megan + Steve


When Tyler proposed and it came time to get our engagement photos done, it was a no-brainer that we wanted to work with Danny and Stephanie - they are, without a doubt, the dream team. They make dreams happen, there's no other way to put it. Not only do they know what they're doing, but they go above and beyond to get it done the best way possible. Danny and Stephanie took time to create the most wonderful photos for us in our favorite city, Manhattan; we'd be walking to the next location, and Danny would catch something in the corner of his eye, and drop everything to pose us for photos at these (originally unplanned) locations. He has an eye for it - he doesn't miss an opportunity to get THE shot. I can't even believe it's Tyler and I in the photos; Danny and Stephanie make you look your absolute best. I fully recommend that you reach out to them for your wedding, no matter where in the world you may be - they travel!

Mel + Tyler

Danny and Stephanie were so amazing and flexible. We had a few scheduling/floral snaffoos before the ceremony and they rolled with every single one of them. They seemed to be everywhere capturing everything; it was as if the two of them turned into 5 photographers! Both worked well as team together as well as with our videographers and wedding coordinator. They took photos very quickly after the ceremony, getting us as many shots as possible while racing against the setting sun. During the reception they were spectacular, not only catching genuine emotions of everyone, but also by holding up light for guests to make sure everyone got good dance floor selfies. They definitely understood us and our guests and it made the process absolutely fun and easy. (The photos themselves are top notch too!)

Lindsay + Elliot



This is the absolute best wedding photography in the business. Danny and his partner captured our wedding perfectly. He’s extremely professional, prompt, and pleasant. His quality of work is top notch. Everything from planning, response time, day of, and delivery of the product is seamless. Took all the stress out out a very critical part of the wedding. I still look at my wedding pic to this day and it emboldened the feeling I had that day and brings the biggest smile to my heart. He captured the beauty and emotions of the most important day of our lives!! Let him do so for you.

Mimi + Aaron

What Danny offers is unique and I don't think you will find anywhere else. They are real, they are genuine, and they want to provide a service for you that will last a lifetime. They get to know you and the pictures they capture are flawless. They use natural light better than any photographer I've ever observed and they don't use generic poses; everything is built around you and your spouse. My wife and I can't say enough about how amazing Danny and Steph are. We'd hire them 100 times over. Without a doubt, the easiest decision you can make during wedding planning is selecting Danny Gorman Photography- you won't be let down.

Lindsay + Brady



Danny Gorman far exceeded our expectations for our wedding photos. He really took the time go above and beyond, and get to know us and understand what we wanted! He paid attention to every detail, and captured such amazing moments during our special day! He not only took incredible photos of us and every detail of the day, but he stepped in wherever he saw help was needed. He held my bouquet, ran to get things when I needed them, literally ran around making sure that every moment was captured during the day. I cried tears of joy looking through our photos. They tell the story of our day, and you can honestly feel the raw emotion from the day just by looking through the photos. Danny is an absolute expert at capturing raw and candid moments, which is exactly what my husband and I wanted. I can't imagine having anyone else photograph our wedding, or anything else from this moment on in our lives..other than Danny and Steph! The passion they have for their couples shines through so effortlessly. We are so thankful that they were there to be a part of our day- it just wouldn't have been the same without them. They felt like family after our engagement session,
and we were so excited after we met them. They are the best of the best, and I
would never ever recommend anyone else. 

Candace + Rex

Danny is an incredible photographer, and amazing person! He and Stephanie are VERY professional, and so good at getting the best shots! Especially the candid ones. Some of my favorites from my wedding, he captured spur-of-the-moment. Delivery was sooo much faster than all my friends got their wedding photos, and my friends RAVED about mine! I loved that THEY dealt with getting the shots, and let me deal with the rest of the wedding, I didn't have to stress because I knew they were getting the shots. Thanks to Danny, I can relive the entire day in incredible detail whenever I want by going through my photos. I could not be any happier that we went with Danny, and definitely recommend him to anyone who hasn't booked yet!

Erika + Mitchell



Even though Danny and Stephanie were one of our wedding vendors, by the end of our wedding day they felt more like friends. This couple is incredibly easy to work with and their expertise and flexibility ensures that your special day is less stressful. Danny and Stephanie did an exceptional job of capturing every moment from us getting ready, to our first look, our ceremony and our insanely fun reception. They also shot our engagement photos. We could not be happier with our choice and the results and definitely recommend booking this vendor for photography!!!

Kelly + Grant

Danny was a dream to work with! From the initial meeting to the very last ceremony detail, he was helpful, responsive, fun, and professional. He not only captured the vibe of our wedding day perfectly, he did it while blending into our ceremony and reception seamlessly. Our friends and family have done nothing but rave about our photos as well as his attitude and work ethic. If you're looking for someone to take charge of your photos and allow you to worry about other details like hair, makeup, and whether or not your groom is actually getting ready, look no further. Our photos are gorgeous.  Danny and Stephanie are THE BEST! Would hire them a million times over.

Bekah + Kevin



Danny and Stephanie did an incredible job with our wedding! From the first conversation we had with Danny he was a pleasure to work with. Any time we had questions along the way we got a quick answer as he was very responsive. If you are looking for someone who will do everything they can to make sure you get exactly what you want and is willing to do whatever it takes to get the best pictures possible then you need to hire Danny and Stephanie. Can't say enough about the photos either. We got them back very fast and they are perfect. My wife was so happy with not only the quality and "wow" factor of the photos, but also that they captured so many moments. 

Ali + Nick

I can't begin to put into words the perfection of Danny Gorman Photography. He spent the entire day with me and my party, capturing moments that I am so incredibly grateful will now live forever. The day passed by so quickly that it brought me to tears looking through the hundreds upon hundreds of photos to help us remember all the small details of the day. My new husband and I were baffled at not only the sheer number of photos, but the beauty and art in each and every one. Danny was practically invisible the entire night, but was there the instant I needed him. He was not only prompt, but early. He was professional, polite, friendly, and also gave me a sense of calm on the most stressful day of my life. I will forever be indebted to him for a stellar job well done. He made us look and feel our best on our special day.

Bri + PJ



I used Danny for my wedding in April and was absolutely BLOWN AWAY with his service. He was so professional, was able to manage a huge group of people, and captured the most amazing photos and moments throughout the whole day. He was so great that even my guests came up to me and commented on how impressed they were with him! When we posted the photos he had taken, I got tons of messages from people asking me about how to contact him because EVERY SINGLE PHOTO was a masterpiece. My husband and I were both so comfortable with Danny and he took away all of the stress from what could have been a very stressful day (we made him take pictures at 3 separate locations on our wedding day, and he handled it like a champ!). He even scouted out the areas the day before the wedding to make sure he found the best locations for the most incredible photos. I could seriously ramble on and on about how wonderful Danny Gorman Photography is. I would DEFINITELY recommend him to everyone. He is worth every penny!!

Chelsea + Daniel

Danny and Stephanie were by far one of the best wedding investments we made. We took them along on our destination wedding, and had a great time with them. They will forever be a part of our family. They’re completely honest and down to earth people. They’re discreet when taking pictures, but yet, Danny’s able to take charge when it’s needed. They were able to capture our love, our personalities, and moments I wouldn’t have even thought was a moment. We put our full trust in them, (which I think is so important for couples wanting great photography) and we were not disappointed. It’s been a couple of months since the wedding, and I still can’t get over how great the shots are. If you’re willing to trust your photographer and ready for some epic photos, then Danny is your guy.

Heidi + Tobin


Kristina and Jimmy-Complete-0080.jpg

I had a terrible experience last year when I got married, with a different photographer. This year I hired Danny & Stephanie redo my photos for my anniversary. I am blown away by the photos they took. Last year I cried because I only got 20 photos that were not very good. This year I cried from happiness because I got so many gorgeous photos. Danny & Stephanie are rockstars. I tried to cheap out on my wedding photos and I paid the price w my other photographer. Hiring Danny & Stephanie to redo my photos was the best thing ever. Invest in them because they will invest in you. They will scout out locations, treat you with the kindness of friends and the professionalism that a photographer should have.

Kristina + Jimmy

Danny and Stephanie provided exceptional service, and even went out of their way to retrieve our bouquets when the bridesmaids left them behind! I am beyond satisfied with my pictures, they captured unforgettable memories and little moments that would be forgotten or lost with time otherwise! I would recommend Danny Gorman Photography to any bride for their big day, the assurance of knowing you're in knowledgeable, capable hands is priceless and a much needed stress-reliever through out the entire experience!!

Alexa + Caleb

Alexa Caleb-Alexa Caleb Complete 2-0084.jpg

Megan Beau Wedding-Complete Photo-0405.jpg

Hiring Danny was the best and easiest decision I made while planning my wedding! I literally can not put into words how incredible Danny and Stephanie were during the planning process and day of the wedding. Since they came during our rehearsal, they were extremely prepared on our special day and we didnt feel rushed at all! I felt very confident that every moment was being captured (which they were beautifully). When we received our pictures my husband and I both cried! Danny is worth every single penny!

Megan + Beau

Simply the best!! We LOVED working with Danny Gorman! He made us feel so comfortable and truly captured US in every one of our photos! From our engagement photos to our big day he was ready for any challenge we sent his way, and he succeeded, big time! We admired his professionalism and creativity and would HIGHLY recommend him for any bride and groom that wants a photographer that will capture your wedding day perfectly!

Shannon + Jim

Jim and Shannon-Complete-0066.jpg


Where do we even start with Danny Gorman? All I can say is that this guy is amazing. He truly made us feel special and it shined through in our pictures. We have gotten so many compliments and we have Danny and Stephanie to thank for that! From the minute Danny and Stephanie arrived to our wedding they were professional, punctual, and most of all fun and relaxed. Brides from far and wide, if you are looking for a photographer look no farther than this team!

Katie + Andrew

Danny and Stephanie are the absolute best! 5 stars cannot even begin to express how my husband and I feel about their work. Our wedding photos are just phenomenal! They are beyond anything I could have imagined or asked for. The way Danny and Stephanie are able to capture the emotion in every moment is really amazing. Their photos tell the story of our wedding day in a way that I truly believe no one else could. I am thrilled to look through them for years to come and know that they will immediately take me back to that wonderful day. Not only are Danny and Stephanie amazing photographers, they are genuinely kind and good people. They took the time to know exactly what I was looking for (and exceeded that by about a billion), helped to ease my nerves the day of the wedding, joked around with my husband and his groomsmen, and interacted well with all of our guests. They have an obvious passion for capturing life’s most precious moments and that shines through their work. Toby and I could not be more pleased with the choice that we made in Danny and Stephanie. 

Kellie + Toby



First of all, 5 stars does not do Danny justice. Danny and his partner Stephanie were, without a doubt, the best people we worked with leading up to and on the day of our wedding. During the planning stages Danny would respond very soon after we emailed him with any questions and that was very important to us once we were within 2-3 weeks of the big day. All of our communication was over email so I met Danny and Stephanie the day of our wedding. The second I met these two I knew we were going to be in good hands. They were so lively and upbeat that I couldn't help but be in a great mood being around them. Once my groomsman and I had settled in, Danny came down to start taking pictures of us spending time together and enjoying the moment; that is the epitome of how Danny works. He doesn't ask you to tie your tie ten times over or spend five minutes tying your shoes so he can get the best shot. He would let the day unfold naturally and then captured the emotions and feelings in a way that was truly amazing. Not only were they great photographers, they were great people. At one point all of my groomsman were outside having a smoke while I was inside watching football. Danny came in, sat down, and just spent time with me. He made me feel calm and by the end of the conversation most of my nerves had subsided. The ceremony and reception were wonderful and every time I looked up I would see Danny or Stephanie taking pictures of everything and everyone. Within days Danny had put 50+ photos on his website for us to view (I honestly did not expect to see pictures that soon). They were unbelievable. Every photo brought back emotions of the day and made me feel like I was still in it. Our day would not have been as special as it was if it wasn't for Danny and Stephanie. They're amazing photographers and wonderful people.

Danny & Stephanie were the absolute highlight of our wedding day. It would be an understatement to say that they are great photographers; these two are incredible at what they do. Danny & Stephanie showed up a few minutes early; this was actually the first time we had met in person, as we live several states apart. When they showed up to our venue, they immediately made me feel like we had made the right choice in hiring them. I didn’t know it at the time, as I was pretty frazzled, but they took 15 minutes or so to walk around our venue’s property to scope out some potential spots for portraits to use later on; they even found a spot neither me nor my husband even knew existed, which was where we ended up taking some of my favorite photos from that day. Throughout our wedding day, Danny & Stephanie blended in seamlessly. It’s hard to explain, but somehow they made me feel comfortable being photographed during a very anxiety-inducing time (almost as if they weren’t even there) yet somehow were also so involved in the day itself. I remember several times when Danny or Stephanie somehow sensed that I was getting anxious (before even my Mom or bridesmaids noticed) & managed to sneak in a joke to make me laugh. They are very unobtrusive photographers, which is something my husband & I really wanted for our wedding. They blend in for the most part, but they speak up & give direction when it’s needed, without hesitation. They both made us feel comfortable throughout the entirety of our wedding. I would write so much more if there were space to do so. 
Bottom line: they are amazing & will absolutely exceed your expectations in every way. Our wedding photos could not have turned out any more incredible.

Nikki + Chris

Danny and his partner Stephanie ARE AMAZING!!! Talented, patient, creative...not to mention some of the NICEST PEOPLE EVER. Everyone was super comfortable with them and they truly went out of their way to be kind and courteous to every member of our wedding party and every guest in attendance. Our photos turned out better than we could have ever hoped! Danny captured every single moment and detail of our big day perfectly. We had SO MANY great shots from our wedding - I don't think there was a single photo we didn't love. I can't say enough great things about them. We were referred to him by our wedding planner and from the moment we saw his website we were won over by his amazing eye for detail and creativity. All of our family and friends continue to comment how gorgeous our pictures turned out and how lucky we were to find such a wonderful photographer and we couldn't agree more!

Cyndi + Layne


Laura and Mike-Laura and Mike Complete For Pass-0145.jpg

I met Danny while working in the Disney College program over 5 years ago and it was a dream come true to have him shoot my wedding! It had been many years since I had seen him and didn't know how comfortable my husband and I would be with professional photos since we are a couple that only takes a few photos here and there. I was thrilled with all the photos and how well he and Steph captured such treasured moments. He made the group photos flawless with such specific instruction and most of the poses took only 2-3 shots for him to get it "right".....this made our wedding party excited to keep the celebration going and they were not standing around forever while we took our couple photos since he was SOOOO great at giving easy direction to get the perfect shots. If Danny wasn't already booked....I would pay for him to come on our honeymoon to capture more memories!

Laura + Michael

Reviews from The Knot & Wedding Wire.