Nikki + Chris | Middletown, Maryland Wedding

It's not every day that a pot of gold falls into your lap. Nikki and Chris are just that; a pot of gold. Their love is real and full of happiness. The way Chris looks at Nikki is nothing short of awesome. I can't express how truly much of a blessing it was to be able to be part of their day. They didn't want to hold signs, they didn't want to do hearts with their hands or anything cheesy, they just wanted to be with their friends and family and they actually wanted to hangout with us. I have also rarely met such an amazing bridal party group with such sweet dance moves. They kept that party going all night long. 

When the groom writes this on your Facebook wall shortly after you post a few teasers on Facebook, you know you've landed some great people in your life. 

"Finally getting a second to sit down, have a cup of coffee, and rummage through all the pictures from Saturday. I am absolutely blown away by the handful of photos you've already released. I knew they were going to look good but my god, man... they're beautiful. You and Stephanie were an AMAZING group of people to work with. I'd also be a huge liar if I said sitting around and watching football with you for awhile didn't play a huge part in keeping me calm. Seriously, you guys are wonderful. You both made Saturday so special for Nikki and I." 

Nikki and Chris, I can't wait to have more adventures and spend more time with you wonderful people.